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Hagerty and Gran Turismo 7 partner. Offer in-game benefits for car enthusiasts, game players and Hagerty Drivers Club members

This afternoon, leading automotive enthusiast brand Hagerty announced a global gaming partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Gran Turismo 7 which is available on PS4 and PS5 from today. This partnership is Hagerty’s first foray into video games/gaming culture and helps to continue their reach into the entertainment world by embedding automotive knowledge, history and access within the game to foster the love of cars for players and Hagerty members alike.

The Gran Turismo 7 feature “Legend Cars Dealer” will house the Hagerty Collection, a suite of 70+ enthusiast vehicles of all forms, eras and performance capabilities. CEO of Hagerty, McKeel Hagerty, will appear in the game as the collection’s advisor. He will guide players through the collection, giving educational and historical insights on each model along the way.

Hagerty had this to say about the partnership, “To achieve our purpose of saving driving and car culture we’re laser focused on creating on-ramps for car lovers of all ages. The Gran Turismo franchise is such a perfect place for us to do that in a digital environment and I can’t wait to play the game and, via my in-game avatar, offer advice and comradery to gamers who stop by our virtual Hagerty Collection.”

The Hagerty Collection aims to have something for everyone. From silver screen legends to Group C Le Mans champions and from epic muscle cars to rally heroes, you’ll be hard pressed to find something you don’t love. Players will be able to acquire cars using game progression and in-game credits, with all prices being shaped by the Hagerty Valuation Tool. Prices will be updating throughout the year, based on changing valuations in real life. Hagerty Valuation Tools include more than 15 years of pricing for 40,000 enthusiast cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles from the post-war era to the present.

“One of Hagerty’s goals is bringing the love of driving to all ages in engaging and interactive ways,” President of Hagerty Media & Entertainment, Paul Rehrig, said. “The release of Gran Turismo 7 has been long awaited for gamers and car enthusiasts alike, and we’re proud to bring the Hagerty community to it in such an innovative and compelling way.”

Players who are HDC, Hagerty Drivers Club, members will be able to opt in for an exclusive in game benefit to own and drive a select car with a custom Hagerty livery from the Hagerty Collection, (this is available via voucher code. Internet connection, account for PlayStation Network and Gran Turismo 7 (sold separately), are required to redeem). This benefit will renew each year with a different legendary car.


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