I spent an afternoon at Super Sunday, Sacramento’s personal Monterey Car Week

You all know about Monterey Car Week. That little car show that’s considered the automotive enthusiast’s Mecca and attracts thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world? Yeah, that one. Having experienced it for the first time last year, I can attest that the green fields of The Quail and Pebble Beach mixed in with the inconceivable cars spanning back decades and the astonishingly good food make for an opulent experience that transports even the most rank-and-file of us to the world of a Bitcoin millionaire for a few days.

The only (slight) downside is the preparation for attending Monterey Car Week. The hotel reservations, the trip, and the waking up at 7 a.m. in hopes of finding something that might pass as a decent parking spot can all make the experience a little stressful. But then, like the pop-up headlights of a 1986 Nissan 300ZX shining through a metaphorical tunnel, Brian of 9sixteenexotics came down from car heaven to help those of us living in and around the 916 area by creating Super Sunday. Taking place once a year, Super Sunday brings the best of Monterey Car Week to our front door with exotics as far as the eye can see, quality food, and a setting that’s the envy of any Pebble Beach or Quail golf course.

As soon as you hit the seemingly endless driveway, you’re surrounded by acres upon acres of one of the most stunning private estates I’ve laid eyes upon. Two lakes, a workshop, a garage the size of my apartment, and a private runway all encircle the main house and the main show lawn. The cars are lined up next to each other with almost obsessive precision, each one an equal length apart from its neighbor. Adorning the far corner of the lawn is the corner of white cars composed of, you guessed it, white cars ranging from a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series to a LaFerrari because of course they brought the LaFerrari to put all other cars to shame.

And just when I thought I was getting used to the intimidation of a LaFerrari and a P1 in the same place together, I was quickly slapped awake by the roar of a thousand (hyperbole) exhausts rolling into the show. The party was just getting started and the lineup that was making its way in was enough to make your knees quiver, buddy. I’m talking Murcielago, 720S, 765LT, F8, Wraith, all your favorites. And bringing up the rear was, are you ready for this, a freaking Bugatti Chiron just to top things off. Oh, and hey there’s Alan from Concours D’Lemons fame with the Museum’s DeLorean ready to give me a ride back to the lawn in air-conditioned luxury. It was a much-needed break from the 90-degree heat, don’t judge me.

Now are you hungry? No? Great, let’s talk food! Among the four types of cheeses and prosciutto arranged as far as the eye could see was an assortment of sauteed mushrooms, kebabs, pasta, pulled pork, steak, and wontons all served on these neat little faux wooden plates. Not only did the presentation fit the aesthetic of the cars but a full stomach helps me appreciate them that much more!

“Attention everyone, the planes will be taking off shortly so if you guys wanna see that, I’d suggest making your way towards the runway,” said a megaphone announcement that broke through the DJ playing Post Malone. Because yes, when you own a property as big as this and things that go fast excite you, a private runway with personal planes is an imperative necessity. Just ask Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

And sure as hell, right by the media parking lot, two planes were blowing dust onto a few of the parked cars, one of which was mine of course. With a thunderous roar, they took off from the relatively short runway and make a quick pass right above the spectator’s heads Blue Angels-style before heading off into the sun. Man, that was cool!

Near the end of the show came the Rev Off, the automotive enthusiast’s hate letter to eardrums, and a fantastic reason to visit your nearest ear doctor right after. Sixteen of the rowdiest sounding exotics on the scene competed to see which one was most likely to attract the attention of the entire Highway Patrol squad on an everyday grocery run. The cars would back up in a corral with a microphone conveniently placed behind the exhausts to measure the screaming pipes in decibels. The loudest overall was a Lamborghini Performante that measured a whopping 125.6 decibels. I’ll remember to bring earplugs next year.

As you might guess, the whole show was a “super rad” on a scale of 1 to 10 and something that puts the Sacramento car scene in the big leagues. Sure, I might not have won that sweet sweet Omega watch from the raffle, but the overall experience made my day and quite likely the next few as well. Not to mention that a portion of the proceeds are going to autism awareness charities which just makes the whole thing even more worth it. I can’t compliment Brian and his team enough for putting on this incredible exhibition of automotive excellence in our neck of the woods. Seeing the community come together and put on events like this makes me proud to be a car guy. 

After such a fun day baking in the hot California sun, I begrudgingly waved goodbye to my old and new friends and slowly made my way to the car with the memories of that day still making their rounds in my mind. With one or two turns of the key, my now-dusty Z roared to life and 10 minutes into the ride, the much-needed AC awoke from its half-broken slumber and somewhat attenuated the Golden State’s desire to turn me into a slushy for the ride home. Attending this show was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I can’t wait to go again next year.

Thanks for the invite Ali, I owe you a drink next time.

For those of y’all interested in seeing all of the pictures I took, check out my Google Drive gallery!


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