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New Top Gear Frontman Is A “Bully”

Not too long ago reports came out stating new Top Gear’s presenter and BBC Radio 2 host of the Breakfast Show, Chris Evans, is a more volatile version of Jeremy Clarkson. The radio show’s production team have become concerned of his outbursts and diva like behavior, he’s even shouted at a producer to reduce them to tears. Now more people have come forward further corroborating his tyrannical, bully-like behavior.

chris evansDan McGrath, who has worked with Chris Evans on the radio show, wrote on his Facebook page:

It’s just so sad that nothing has changed over the last 15 years… (Leopards & spots) Does he still believe, even at the age of 50 it’s worth being properly s***** to people to get the results he wants? Given our recent experience… I guess so.

Another man who has worked with Chris Evans in the past, Steven D Wright, also supported the claims:

He’d had a bath so dropped his towel and stood stark b****** naked for ten minutes while I prepped his next iv (sic) with Zig & Zag. I looked down at it then continued talking. I could tell he was annoyed I never ‘reacted’… It was a classic bit of bullying but didn’t affect me although it would have been different if I’d been a young female runner though.

Once a c***, always a c***

Former BBC and Channel 4 executive, Nicola Gooch, responded to Mr. Wright’s claims and mentioned:

I thought the same thing. You are right about it being bullying. Total F*****”

The BBC fired Jeremy Clarkson early last year due to a ‘fracas’ over a lack of steak, and as a result they’ve singlehandedly given the most successful trio ever to have appeared on TV to the streaming service, Amazon Prime. Now the BBC seems to have a more volatile and tyrannical version of Jeremy Clarkson on their hands, only this time the frontman has to work with FIVE other personalities. The BBC may just have the recipe for a disaster.


Source: Dailymail


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