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Top Gear REALLY Wants You To Tune In

We know what you’re thinking, “ANOTHER ONE?!” At this point, we’d need more than one hand to count the number of trailers Top Gear has released, and it really shows the BBC so badly wants you to watch their program come May 29th. This time we get more detail about what Extra Gear is all about, as Rory Reid and Chris Harris “Lifts the lid on the world’s biggest car show, Top Gear.” The extra half hour show will contain some unseen footage, some behind the scenes stuff, and also commentary on the Top Gear cars describing “The good, the bad, and the downright infuriating, telling it just the way it is.”

Now, some of our readers suspect Shifting Lanes is somehow a paid shill by the BBC to promote all their Top Gear stuff. To tell you the truth, we are EXTREMELY UPSET NOT ONE PERSON IN THE BBC IS PAYING US!!! If anyone of you know someone in the BBC who is willing to give us millions of dollars, please forward them our contact information. In all honesty, we just love everything automotive, and we believe both Top Gear and The Grand Tour will provide us with SO much to drool over. So we hope that explains why we just love to cover every little news tidbit that comes up about it. And since you’ve read this far, ON TO THE TRAILER!

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