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Top Gear’s Latest Trailer Is Much Sexier Than The Last Few. In Many Ways.

New Top Gear is nearly here and the BBC is pumping out previews left and right. We’ve shown you many other previews they’ve done, but this new one is undoubtedly the best so far.

A little humor, some super sexy drifting shots accompanied by “lay you down by the fire” music, and ear-gasmic engine noises has us getting, dare we say it, a little more excited for this iteration of Top Gear. Here’s the latest.

We’ve also been thinking about this and we here at Shifting Lanes are glad (!!!) that BBC continued Top Gear without C, H, & M. Mainly because competition is healthy. It’s the same reasons we’re currently having an arms race for performance cars throughout the auto industry. This will keep both Top Gear and The Grand Tour on their toes to produce good content.

Let’s see what comes out next week.

(Source: YouTube)


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