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Clarkson Is Forced To Choose Between Hammond Or May In The Funniest Way Possible

If you didn’t know, Jeremy Clarkson wrote a book that was published last year called, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” In fact, it’s pretty cheap on Amazon and you can get a copy by clicking here. The book is roughly about Clarkson’s world traveling adventures, but also talks a bit about cars. If you’re a fan, you should pick it up. It’s a good read.

When he did promote the book, he partnered with Penguin Books Australia and made a video that we’ve uncovered and it has to do with the other Grand Tour boys, Hammond and May. Here’s Jeremy answering questions about which he would rather have done by Hammond or May. Topics include being a waiter, a sex therapist, and a cell mate.

But wait! There’s more. Here’s another one about Clarkson’s opinion on certain auto related questions from the theory test.

Don’t know about you, but this just makes me more excited to see the humor and wit back in action. November 18th cannot come soon enough.

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