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What The Grand Tour Trio Says On This Podcast Will Get You More Excited About The Show

Adam Carolla may not be a name that’s familiar to most outside of the U.S. but he was quite the celebrity at some time. He was an American actor, radio person, television host, and at one point was host of American Top Gear (the NBC version) that never fully materialized. Now he stars in the Adam Carolla Show Podcast, and he just brought none other than Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May from The Grand Tour.

The 45 minute podcast allowed them to talk about so many different things, about their favorite parts of the old Top Gear show, The Grand Tour’s progress, their relationship with the BBC, what their post BBC employment life was like, the trio’s chemistry, and Richard Hammond’s near-death experience with the Vampire Dragster.

Click on the player below, sit back, relax, and have a listen:

We cannot wait for the show to come on once November 18th rolls around. As for our regular PSA: If you want to watch the Boys in their new show The Grand Tour, then you’ll need to have an Amazon Subscription which you can get by going here.

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