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Lexus LC 500 Looks Incredible, Sounds Even Better.

When Lexus dropped the LC 500 in January of this year, it came as a bit of a surprise. Lexus hadn’t hinted at creating a fast, grand tourer, but they did. And when they revealed it we all oooo’ed and ahhhh’ed becuase it looks stunning.

When we found out it would have a naturally aspirated V8, more head nodding ensued because that’s the makings of a great car. Sometimes though, companies get the sound of the exhaust note all wrong or the engine note or anything that has to do with audible goodness. However, Lexus apparently thought about this because there is newly released spy footage of the LC 500 testing at the ‘ring and holy crap does it sound good.

Take a listen

I’m no musician, but that sounds like a symphony of badassery. That ounds way better than anything in it’s weight class save for the F-Type V8. It absolutely sounds better than anything BMW or Audi is putting out and it remains to be seen, or heard rather, if it’ll sound better than an AMG at full chat.

So far, it sounds promising.

(Source: YouTube)


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