Here’s The World’s First Ever Bugatti Chiron Crash. It’s Not Pretty.

Looks like another unicorn has crashed. This time, it’s the brand new and hyper exclusive Bugatti Chiron.

The Chiron, unveiled at the Geneva Auto show this past February, is the pinnacle of automotive exclusivity. Yes, there are rarer cars. Yes, there are more expensive cars. But when you think of cars today, Bugatti is top of mind along with Pagani and then the holy trinity (P1, La Ferrari, 918). So when there’s Chiron news, the world pretty much just shuts up and looks no matter if you love or hate the car or the automaker.

I happen to love the Chiron’s design, but I hate seeing it like this.

Yikes. The image was posted to GTBoard’s Facebook page, which you can see by clicking here. There’s a few things we can decipher from the picture. It appears to be a front end collision given the dangling bumper, but there might be damage to the left rear wheel. The tarp is strange as it looks like the cockpit and cabin are fully intact. There’s a chance there is also damage there due to the covering, but all of this is speculation due to the poor quality of the photo and no other sources to pull from.

Whatever the cause of this crash, it’s sad to see cars like this in this sort of state. Poor unicorn. This will no doubt get rebuilt or fixed. The price tag? Who even knows. A f***ing lot.

(Source: GTBoard)

h/t to Motor 1


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