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Top Gear’s Extended Trailer Is Longer, More Fun

Sabine added some German weirdness to go with her epic driving ability.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the past year has been a tumultuous one in the automotive entertainment realm. Jeremy Clarkson, frontman for the most successful program on television, was canned for punching a producer. Richard Hammond and James May felt they couldn’t continue on with the show without their lead man and had both quit Top Gear in solidarity. Then the trio proceeded to team up with producer Andy Wilman and are now in cahoots with Amazon Prime to deliver a new car show, exclusively for the internet streaming service.

In the meantime, the BBC has compiled a ragtag bunch of presenters ranging from a radio personality, an American television star, to Youtube personalities, to fill in the Top Gear Trio void. However, the BBC’s and Top Gear’s actions have been met with much disdain due to the various controversies, starting with the drifting stunt in front of a war memorial, to the recent revelations of its new frontman being a ‘Bully’. Perhaps these events explain why the trailer for the new show has been met with such negativity and has incurred the wrath of many fans claiming the new show to be an “Amazon Prime advertisement” and generated wishes for  the show to be cancelled.

Now the BBC has revealed an extended trailer showing more stylized footage and silliness we have come to expect from the Top Gear brand. If we shed our expectations of the old and new Top Gear crew and watch the trailer as impartial auto enthusiasts, we might be pleasantly surprised and entertained. The extended trailer shows some amazing cars never before seen in an automotive program, with new personalities that may bring different perspectives to the 40 year old tv show.

It contains, as you would expect, many good things. The Aston Martin Vulcan with Chris Harris at the wheel at the Abu Dhabi GP circuit. A McLaren 675 LT. A Ford Mustang driven by Rory doing a glorious, slow-motion burnout. Ariel’s Nomad in Morocco. A Viper and a Corvette with Sabine and Chris inside battling it out with roof-mounted guns.

That’s not all. There’s the new Audi R8 V10 Plus at Laguna Seca, Ferrari’s F12tdf doing what it does best in Mr Harris’s rather capable hands, and, um, a pair of Reliant Rialtos.

Turn up the volume and play the trailer. We dare you to not have goosebumps midway. Regardless of how you feel about the events that have transpired in the past year, you can’t help the car fanatic inside you to dance with joy at the various cars being wrung to its limits. When it airs, we’ll DEFINITELY be watching!

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