This Is The Most Badass 80s Car You Wish You Had In Your Garage

When it comes to 80s cars there are so many incredible cars to talk about. The Porsche 944, the Ferrari Testarossa, the Buick Grand National/GNX, the BMW E30 M3, the VW golf GTI Mk II. The list goes on and on.

On very, VERY few of these lists, if on any, lurks the Pontiac Fiero. The Fiero was supposed to be Pontiac’s answer to all the cars above; a two door, sporty car that would be a huge hit with the enthusiasts crowd and give a bit more street cred. The Fiero was a decent little car, but never caught on the way Pontiac wanted it to. Since it’s untimely death in 1988, it’s received a bit of a cult following. It’s not every day an American car company makes a mid-engined, 2-door sports car.

Some people go to extreme lengths to modify these cars and I believe I’ve found the craziest example imaginable. This is a 1984 Pontiac Fiero with a completely ridiculous supercharged V-8 sticking out the back.

MOTHER OF GOD. I want to drive that REALLY bad. Since there’s no start up noise or driving in the video, I found another with someone else who did an engine swap with another V8. It’s just as bonkers as you’d think.

Awesome. Simply awesome. We approve of this insane amount of hotrodness.

(Source: YouTube)


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