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McLaren looking to top competition with amazing P1-GTR

If for some unexplainable reason the amazing P1 wasn’t enough for you, McLaren has announced that it will one up itself with the completely bonkers P1-GTR. This car is set to be unleashed upon the world to set blistering lap times and steal your mom’s purse on August 16th at the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach.

In essence, this is exactly what Ferrari did with its FXX track car since the P1-GTR will also not be road legal. The GTR will get an enhanced aero package, racing slicks, a quick crash diet for lighter weight, and an 86hp bump for a max output of 989hp.

What will all this awesomeness cost you? $3.35 million (£1.98 million). That sounds like a steal when you hear the best part: a permanent backstage pass to the McLaren F1 team which includes trainers, simulators, and access to the team’s technicians. Not a bad day at the track if you ask me.


Photo credit CAR Magazine


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