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Kia Could Still Make The GT4 Stinger A Reality

According to a report by Autoblog, we may get something from Kia that we’ve hoped for ever since we saw it for the first time. The GT4 Stinger was a total shocker when the Korean automaker dropped it at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, also known as the North American International Auto Show. We got to see it in the flesh at the New York Auto Show that same year and it is an incredibly striking car, especially because of who made it.

If produced, and it certainly seems that way now, we’ll get a super hot, new entrant to the small, 2-door, affordable coupe genre. This is excellent news as the Miata and Toyobaru twins (the BRZ and FR-S) need more competition in that segment.

Said Spencer Cho, Kia’s head of overseas marketing,

“We have very high intentions to put these models into production – we’re working on it”

Kia GT4 Stinger

So what does he mean by “these models?” He is alluding to the other GT model Kia unveiled all the way back in 2011 called the GT Concept. This car was actually ahead of the GT4 Stinger in the pecking order for production and plan for the GT was to be a 4 door to rival the Porsche Panamera driving elite. Delays have hampered this effort though with push backs from the C-suite in the Kia corporate hierarchy. However, we should be seeing a GT production model in 2017 and honestly it couldn’t come soon enough for Kia. Their sedan line is getting a bit long in the tooth and with the Soul and the small SUV/crossover segment thriving beyond belief around the world, the all-looking-the-same sedan segment (See: Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Subaru Legacy) needs and injection of crazy. If Kia puts these two concept designs into action soon, I think they might just be the maker to do it.

Kia GT Concept

(Photo credit: Kia)


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