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Mazda’s Next Rotary Engine May Have A Secret Weapon

According to, the next Mazda equipped rotary may come with forced induction. They spoke with the Mazda’s drivetrain and power train assistant manager, Tetsuchi Marutani on what he thought was the future of the project.

Personally, I think that a rotary with some turbo or compressor would be good. Because a rotary, in my opinion, they require more low speed, low down torque. So if we have some small compressor or turbo it would help.

Rotaries, or also known as the Wankel engine, are the oddball of automotive engines. It has survived long enough under Mazda to avoid its entry into automotive museums. The rotary engine is the power plant that has propelled the Mazda RX-7 and the RX-8, and the new RX Vision concept.



The engine is famous for its high revving action and its smoothness. Combining a turbo to this high revving engine may produce FANTASTIC results. However, the rotary engine is still plagued with reliability issues due to the high friction with its rotors’ seals. We are certain this issue is a top concern at Mazda and we truly hope they have a solution for their next RX vehicle.

C’mon Mazda, make this work! Everyone hopes that you can do this. Let’s give traditional engines a run for their money. The Otto and Diesel cycles have reigned the automotive realm for far too long.

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