GM Takes New Camaro Z/28 To The Nurburgring. It Didn’t Go Quite As Planned.

I’m When a car company takes a car to the Nurburgring for testing a few things happen that are awesome.

Usually it’s a team of engineers, a driver, a passenger for data collection purposes, and other secretive things large car companies thinks us journalists aren’t privy to. Hot laps are done. Data is collected and analyzed. More laps are done. The car goes faster. Sanctimonious high fives all around. Live is good.

This is how that looks.

Or maybe like this.

But sometimes it all goes wrong. That’s what happened to GM when they took the heavily camouflaged upcoming Camaro Z/28 to the ‘ring for some putting through of paces. All was seeming to go well for the Mustang GT350R competitor, until…

According to a comment from GM on a Jalopnik post of this, it was not driver error though we don’t have any confirmed evidence of mechanical failure either. From the video, it seems as though there was unintended brake lock up, and then blam, into the barrier.

If GM does release an official statement, we’ll update this post once that news comes in. Poor Camaro. Does sound like an absolute BEAST though. Excited to see this thing in action.

(Source: YouTube)


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