The Upcoming Toyota Supra Might Get BMW Hybrid Powerplant To Be Shared With Next The Z4

As we reported a few weeks ago, Toyota is most definitely building a new Supra and they’re partnering with BMW to conceive it. What a glorious orgy of automotive goodness, am I right? Two of the best in the business both sales and performance wise (yes Toyota is also about performance, they almost just won LeMans) are teaming up to make two incredibly attainable sports cars.

The newest bit of news around this new Supra boner that we’re currently sporting, is that of the engine rumor variety. Though, for those of you that are opposed to hybrid technology in any cars that aren’t a P1, LaFerrari, or Porsche 918, you might want to look away.

toyota ft-1

A new Toyota Supra sports car is on the way, sharing a hybrid powertrain and chassis with the next BMW Z4

A new Toyota Supra inspired by the Toyota FT-1 supercar concept is nearing reality, and it’s going to share a chassis and hybrid powertrains with the next BMW Z4 sportscar.

We already knew Toyota and BMW were collaborating on a joint venture sportscar project, but recent news that Toyota has made new trademark applications in Europe and the US for the Supra name has cast the spotlight on the project again.

The Toyota FT-1 coupe was shown at the Detroit motor show in 2014, although BMW and Toyota announced their joint venture all the way back in 2011 – declaring hydrogen fuel cells, shared battery tech and a new sportscar platform were included in the deal.

While the BMW Z4 replacement and new Toyota Supra will take advantage of the shared technology, the Supra will be bigger than the next Z4 and feature an extended version of the joint venture platform. That will allow the Supra to sit about the GT86 model in the Toyota line-up.

Unlike Mazda’s recent tie-up with Fiat, which has left the new Fiat 124 Spider with a very obvious design connection to its MX-5 ‘donor’ car, the BMW and Toyota designs are completely separate. The vital sharing will all be hidden beneath the skin of two very different cars. So expect common running gear, and both cars a BMW petrol engine driving the rear wheels, with Toyota hybrid electric motors powering the front.

Hybrid aside, this is pretty amazing news as we’re getting not 1, but 2 new sports cars to add to the mix of the incredible lot we already have. This surely will be something that most of the Supra world will be looking forward to.

Look for a 2018-2019 launch.

(Source: AutoExpress)


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