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Is This Rendering The Next Generation Subaru WRX/STI?

It sure looks like it could be.


Back in 2015 when Subaru relaunched the WRX/STI as it’s own model, dropping the Impreza name from its badge, Subaru promised to take the rally inspired sedan in its own direction. When we saw the finished product, it was still just an Impreza with a hood scoop at heart. Now, with Subaru unveiling the brand new Impreza at the 2016 New York International Auto Show, they have an opportunity to take the WRX/STI in that promised right turn we wanted 2 years ago.

This new rendering shows what would happen if Subaru did not deviate from the Impreza-informs-the-WRX formula they’ve been implementing for the last 20+ years. The rendering comes from rendering blog X-Tomi_Design. This takes the newest Impreza design language and gives it the WRX/STI treatment and the effect is quite similar to the current generation.

In my opinion, the 2015+ models of the WRX aren’t aging as gracefully as its predecessors though it is still new and nostalgia hasn’t set in yet. The 2008-2014 WRX/STI is becoming more sought after and the 2015+ will likely follow, but putting the current generation up next to this rendering shows that the new Impreza is a better looking car than what Subaru is currently offering.

Whether this actually comes to fruition remains to be seen. Will Subaru take the WRX/STI in a totally new direction? Will this rendering go down as a sign of things to come? Only time will tell, but this is not a bad next step.

(Source: X-Tomi Design)


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