This Is The Most Expensive Slow Crash You’ve Ever Seen

This guy was probably fired as soon as this video emerged.


Maybachs are pretty much the Mercedes S Class dressed up to become a Rolls Royce/Bentley fighter. Supreme luxury, comfort, and prestige is the name of the game here. And when you start doing this, you can rack up a $300,000-$400,000 bill without breaking a sweat.

Imagine taking one our as either an owner or as a professional driver and rear ending someone. According to a quick search on google and eBay, that front bumper if going to set you back between $3000-$5000 alone. We’re not even talking if you took our headlights, punctured any radiators, broke any supports or fans or hoses. Long story short, you’re going to have a very expensive day. Now imagine you run in to the back of ANOTHER Maybach. You day just got worse. This video from Russia shows us what the slowest, potentially most expensive crash in human history looks like.

That guys day was instantly ruined. Conservative estimate on this painfully slow fender bender, probably north of 20 grand. Ouch. Make sure you’re in reverse before hitting that gas pedal.


(Source: YouTube)


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