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Rare, Behind The Scenes Footage Of Old Top Gear. One Of The Last Episodes.

Old Top Gear is gone as we know it. This has been fact for a while now and we’ve been particularly bummed about it ever since it left the air waves. We have much to look forward too, however, with the new show on Amazon with the old boys. And it looks very promising.


But when one looks forward, one can’t help but to become nostalgic and look back a bit. As I was browsing one of my favorite car vlogs on YouTube (Supercars of London), I came across an older post from early in 2015 when the presenter of SOL, Paul, went to a taping.

He vlogged as much as he could and captured some interesting behind the scenes footage. For those that were never able to get to a taping of the old show, this is an interesting insight into the entrance procedure, parking, waiting for the show to open it’s doors, the mass migration from the parking lot to the studio, how the studio looked, and what happened before and after a taping.

This might be one of the last videos about old Top Gear we’ve ever been able to see. So check it out below and let us know what you think.

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(Source: YouTube)


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