Everyone Shut Up. The Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Is Awesome. Here’s 5 Reasons Why.

Toyota made a GT86 Shooting Brake Concept. I believe it’s awesome. Many, MANY journalists and publications are torn on the subject. Some think that the roof line is weird, there are fake plastic bits all over it, etc etc, yada yada yada. This is, of course, something enthusiasts and journalists have been either asking for or whining about for some time. Not the GT86 in particular, but that there should be more shooting brakes. Now Toyota gives us one, and people hate it.

Shut up. Just stop. It’s awesome looking and it should be produced. Here’s why.

1) It IS beautiful

Some things in this world are weird. Weird can be beautiful. This is one of them. The roof line is not horribly out of proportion and it gives us that classic “clown shoe” look that the first Z3 hard top did. It’s fantastic and I love it.

2) The back seat just became way better

We test drove a GT86 last year though when we got it when it was the Scion FRS. We loved it, but what we did not love was the space in the back seat. While the wheelbase of this concept doesn’t get any bigger, people above the height of most hobbits are rejoicing since their craniums wouldn’t be turned to pulp hitting the ceiling anymore. There’s a clear headroom improvement with the greenhouse extension. Though a 1″ wheelbase stretch wouldn’t be the worst thing so those hobbits wouldn’t have to sit cross-legged.

Scion FRS 1


The trunk of the FRS is pretty decent when trying to transport beer or duffle bags for the weekend. The back seat can stow a spage grocery bag or three if needed as well. This, however, gives you many more options for cargo including the opportunity for folding rear seats. Would I take this skiing? You bet your ass I would.

Scion FRS 4

4) It’s a drivers car

I’m sick of everyone saying it’s under powered. I’m sick of everyone saying that it isn’t a viable option when compared to the Miata. It’s an under 3000 pound (~2700), RWD, hooning machine that can drift at 20 mph and can take on nearly any back road you throw at it. This isn’t a race car. You don’t need a Hellcat to have fun on a back road. You can always tune it and throw some go fast bits on it if you’re really THAT needy.

And this would then be a RWD hatch with all the best parts of the GT86 already there? Sign me up. I’d order one tomorrow and trade in my WRX if this was made. Sorry Subaru. Maybe if you make a BRZ Shooting Brake as a sister car? Hint Hint…

5) It’s some of the cheapest fun you can have

The outgoing Scion FRS’s base price is just over $27,000 at $27,200. I dare you to find something that would be as fun as this, brand new, for under 30 grand. A few that come to mind are the aforementioned Subaru WRX, Honda Civic SI, Ford Focus and Fiesta ST, or the Fiat 500 Abarth. Not one of those is RWD, but fun in their own right. Give me this all day long for under 30 grand.

This is something we asked for and someone made it. Let’s all shut up and enjoy it, okay? Great.

(Source: Car Throttle)


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