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Is It Just Me Or Is Extra Gear WAY Better Than Top Gear?

So as a person with a mind that is basically forcing himself into the automotive world, I have subjected myself to watching the first two Top Gear episodes along with it’s new sister show Extra Gear. And for those of you who have watched both, are you having the same outcome as I am in thinking, “Why is Extra Gear not just Top Gear?”

I mean seriously. Rory Reid is a pretty good presenter and Chris Harris is not only a good presenter, he’s also a tremendous racing driver. Chris Harris’ YouTube video are some of the more styled and beautiful films available across the automotive realm on YT. These two facts coupled with the nature of how EG is presented makes it the much more appealing show. Here’s the latest episode for those that missed it.

Episode 2 of EG showed us a bit of everything from the 675LT and an old McLaren F1, to offroading with Eddie Jordan, to Chris Harris’ Glickehaus Nurburgring 24 hour endurance racer. The show, apart from Evans being on it talking about the F1, was not actually that bad.

This show seems like it has the most promise of becoming what Top Gear should have been all along. Eddie Jordan can still go away and Chris Evans can too. I’m thinking a Leblanc, Reid, and Harris Top Gear would be vastly more entertaining than what they’ve given us in the first two episodes of the main show. Plus, EG is actually talking about cars and giving us useful and interesting information instead of just having what seems to be puff piece to showcase Evans’ bombastic and annoying personality. At least EG has promise.

Are you in this boat with me? Do you think I’m insane and should pull my hear from my own ass? Leave  a comment and let me have it.

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