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This Tesla Can Only Go 6 MPH

The joy of owning a Tesla can now be shared by other members of the family. Radio Flyer has collaborated with Tesla Motors to produce the Tesla Model S for kids. This battery powered ride-on has been powered by a Flightspeed lithium-ion unit as opposed to a lead-acid battery. Radio Flyer claims the battery allows for both the longest run time compared to the competitors and has the fastest recharge time of 3 hours.

The Model S has been meticulously recreated with identical turbine wheels and a choice of factory paint. It even features the same charging port as the real deal.

radioflyer-tesla1 radioflyer-tesla2 radioflyer-tesla3

The Tesla Model S for kids does not feature ludicrous mode however. It has two maximum speed settings, a 3 MPH limit for those just starting out, and a 6 MPH limit for those more experienced drivers. The ride-on also featured on board speakers that you can plug your music player into and also a similar “Frunk”, or a front trunk, to store the necessary items for a kid with discerning tastes.

radioflyer-tesla4 radioflyer-tesla5

The very cute video below showcases the modern day Radio Flyer product. Our inner child lost it when the tiny Tesla pulled up right next to the real one. Would you pick one up?

Source: Radio Flyer


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