VIDEO: Idiot Valet Over Revs Lambo. Sets It on Fire.

When you’re in valet training, if there is such a thing, there are certain things you learn. The following list I think is an accurate representation of valet initiation:

  • No scratches or body dings
  • No joy riding
  • No fart smells in the cabin
  • No burnt up engine


That last one apparently fell on the deaf ears for one moron valet in Miami beach. According to International Business Times, a valet diving a Lamborghini Aventador that costs in excess of $400,000 was showing off and over revving the engine. Well that wasn’t a particularly good idea not only for the fact that it makes you look like a complete tool since it’s not your car, but also because that made the engine catch on fire. Check out the video below as the valet and onlookers scramble to put out the blaze.

No word yet on if the valet has been fired, but I’m nearly 100% positive that will happen. Also no word on the car’s condition. We’ll update with any news that comes out of this unfortunate incident. Poor supercar.

(Source: IBT)


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