Avoid Of The Year. Dashcam Version.

This is a pretty staunch reminder that you should always pay attention while driving. You may need to avoid something EXTREMELY quick.

Russian dash cams have given us no shortage of ridiculous videos from people having 18-wheelers narrowly missing pedestrians in the middle of highways to people pulling out guns and shooting at each other. I’m not kidding on either of those. Go look them up.

Here is another one showing one of the most violent crashes we’ve seen this year. As you can see a car is stopped on the shoulder on the opposite side of the road and a van driver doesn’t see it. The van over corrects for the situation slamming head first in what is defined by the NHTSA as a “small overlap” crash, the worst kind of crash according to NHTSA data. Both cars are destroyed, but the driver behind makes a miraculous save as she avoids the van coming straight at her.

NOTE: The below video shows a car crash were people were seriously injured. View discretion is advised.

Always keep your head up everyone. Never know when you’ll need to avoid something like this.

(Source: YouTube)


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