You Find A McLaren 650s, Unlocked, With Keys In The Ignition. What Do You Do?

As funny as this is, and was when the stunt was pulled, this is actually a really interesting experiment in human trust.

Joey Saladas is an epic YouTube prankster famous the world over. With nearly 900,000 subscribers, millions watch his videos every day. Here’s an example that not many of us can relate to, but many of us can ponder. These guys came up with the brilliant idea of putting a McLaren 650s on the side of the road, unlocked, with the keys in the ignition. Little the did anyone looking at the car know that if they got in and attempted to drive off, they’d be in for the shock of their lives. Quite literally.


While this is a hugely hilarious video, and apparently they told no one about it after the fact once they got shocked, this is a really fantastic social experiment. Now must of you reading this are auto enthusiasts and more than likely wouldn’t attempt to steal the car, but if you were presented with this scenario, what would you do? For me, It’d be hard not to at least sit in it.

(Source: YouTube)


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