Corvette Takes On The Nurburgring. It Doesn’t End Well.

Of all the Nordschleife crashes we’ve seen, and there are MANY on the internet, this might be one of the most odd.


As you can see from the video below, two fun seekers are going along at a good clip when it’s pased by a C6, Z06 Corvette. Not a big deal, happens all the time with so many different cars on the ‘ring at a time. But what happens to the ‘Vette next is just odd and ridiculous.

Watch as you see smoke pour from the left rear wheel and then POP, it’s gone.

Fairly certain this was more than a tightening of a bolt issue, as is stated in the first video comment. Whatever happened, we’re glad all parties walked away from this one. Could have been much nastier.

(Source: YouTube)


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