Guy Drag Races His Modded Mustang Against A Truck. Gets A BIG Surprise.

So you pull up to a light in your modded Ford Mustang. You’re feeling pretty good thinking that you have some damn good straight line speed. After all, you’re in one of the most legendary pony cars of all time. Straight line speed is what the does best, even with the new generation.

You then see a big diesel truck pull up along side of you and give you “the nod” along with a few revs since that mean it’s totally on. You prepare, you rev up, you go! But then…

You get absolutely decimated. By a truck. Your pride is hurt. You go home with your tail between your legs.

This proves an interesting point though: torque is a HELL of a drug and the truck has it in spades. Eventually the Mustang would have caught and passed the truck on a long enough runway mainly because of drag, but off the line, there’s no substitute for properly put on the road torque.

(Source: YouTube)


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