HOW TO: Restore Headlights. PERMANENTLY.

As far as things to do to your older car, headlight restoration is probably pretty low on your list. You have aging parts in the suspension and engine that need upkeep, tires that need rotating and replacing, and fliuds that needs to be replenished all the time.


But what if there was a way to do a one-stop-shop restoration on a car’s weather beaten headlights? GOOD NEWS. There is. YouTuber ChrisFix is here to pretty much make your day and make your old, yellow, scummy, disgusting, dull headlight lenses look nearly brand freaking new and for around $30. That’s the deal of the century and to be honest, the method looks pretty solid. We’re actually going to test this on one of our cars in the spring to see if it works, but here’s a video that will help if your lights are grotesque.


While we highly recommend the above method as this is a permanent fix to your headlight issues, the kit below is also a viable option if you’re looking for a bit less work. It won’t last as long, but will still get the job done for a reasonable amount of time.

(Source: YouTube)


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