Potential First Lady Was A Drifter

Do you remember Cindy McCain? She is the wife of United States Senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee, John McCain. She’s a businesswoman, philanthropist, and humanitarian. But did you know that she is also a drifter? During the 2008 presidential election season a news piece came out on ESPN’s E:60 describing Cindy McCain’s penchant for the Japanese motorsport.


The ESPN segment talks about the close ties between Cindy McCain and her obsession with motorsports. When she saw the unique driving style on television, she and her son, Jack McCain, traveled to Japan to take lessons from a top drifting instructor. She describes herself as a sub-par drifter:

I’m probably a little too cautious with it because it is abnormal from what you’re taught when you’re taught to drive. You’re taught to keep control of your car. Everything you were taught in driver’s ed, forget. That’s what drifting is about.

It’s hard to believe that the wife of a United States Senator, republican presidential nominee, and war hero, is into this stylistic motorsport. Watch the video below as the potential First Lady describes how to drift.


Source: ESPN & Youtube


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