Everything You Need To Know About Owning A Jaguar F-Type R

Let’s face it, we all want a Jaguar F-Type. Yes it might not be the best handling sports car in the world, or the fastest, or even the best choice to daily. Those distinctions can be argued about with cars like the Porsche Cayman GTS or the Alfa Romeo 4C. The Jag is big, muscular, loud, and beautiful. Truly everything you’re want in a GT sports car.


For those of us not lucky enough to buy one, we’re sentence to a life of googling images and watching online videos. If you do have the means to buy one, then we applaud you as we hope to join those ranks one day. But if you do have that kind of cash kicking around and you really must have an F-Type, what is it like to live with on a day to day basis as a daily driver?

Here to explain is YouTuber Seen Through Glass, aka Sam. Sam is the lucky owner of an F-Type R Coupe that’s been heavily modified aesthetically as well as a monster of an exhaust. But what does he say after 6 months of ownership? Check it out below.


(Source: YouTube)


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