This GT3 RS Won’t Cost You $175,000

If you’re like us, chances are you like taking things apart, which means you probably grew up on Legos and/or secretly/openly still play with them. So when this bit of news came out that Lego was making a Porsche GT3 RS kit, it just hit us all in the Lego feels, and all kinds of nostalgia came rushing back.

This Porsche GT3 RS kit in lego form can be yours for just $300! It’s fairly chump change considering the actual GT3 RS is about $175,000. The kit was originally teased in black and white swirly camo, and looks totally like a prototype car that a spy photographer would capture. It would look very much at home in a Lego version of the Nurburgring.


Here’s a video from Lego that shows the kit in excruciating detail. Birthday/Christmas wish list has been updated!



(Source: Lego)


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