This Is How You Sell Something No One Looks Forward To Buying

We are sorry for talking about a commercial. In fact, we are REALLY REALLY SORRY! What makes this post worse is it’s not even a commercial about a Chevrolet Corvette, or a Jaguar F-Type, or even the new Toyota 86. This is a commercial about a minivan, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, to be exact. We sincerely hope this will be the only post in our existence about minivans, though we can’t promise anything as all of us get a bit older.

What makes us want to share this though is comedian Jim Gaffigan, touting the Chrysler as the “Dad Brand,” ensuring us that, Hey… It’ll be Ok… a Minivan is not the end of the world… You can sense the death of motoring and anything pleasurable about cars, as Jim shares expected Dad-Scenarios. He’s a funny dude and I can’t imagine a better person fit for selling such a vanilla piece of equipment.

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