VIDEO: Joyriding Technician Caught On Tape. Was Cocaine Involved?

Sometimes you take your car back from the shop and just wonder the THINGS they’ve done to your baby while you’re away. You put your faith and cold hard cash on a automotive shop, hoping they’ll fix whatever it is that ails your poor car, only to find they’ve just ruined something else in the process, causing you to go back a second or third time.

What’s worse is when technicians take your baby for a joyride. There are few unwritten rules that humanity should live by, one being the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated”, and the other: “You don’t joyride customer’s cars.”

joyride cocaine

In this case, a terrible act has been recorded on video and uploaded to Youtube by the car owner. The service mechanic was caught on tape stating “This is gonna be fun” and proceeded to drive the car aggressively through the suburbs. What’s even more appalling is what the service mechanic did after pulling into a parking lot. The video did not actually show the act but the sounds suggest either he snorted cocaine or just read a really sad story and had the sniffles. The service mechanic then proceeded to drive in excessive speeds, listening to terrible music, on his return to the shop concluding the test drive.

We certainly hope the shop has fired the technician and provided some level of compensation for the car owner. If this video teaches anything it’s that trusting people is harder than ever and dashcams may just be a driver’s best friend.


(Source: Youtube)


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