Fiat Implies Road Trips Longer Than Four Hours May Require A Doctor Visit

Do you remember that weird but cute Superbowl commercial regarding the little blue pill? In that commercial the older man tried to prepare himself for lovemaking by popping the pill, but instead of landing it in his mouth the pill managed to go out the window, ricochet wildly through an Italian town, and land itself into the gas tank of a Fiat 500, where the effects of the pill occurred immediately transforming the little 500 into the beefier 500X. Now Fiat has doubled-down on the weirdness and expanded on that same storyline. Instead this time when the old man finds himself sans the little blue pill, he gets inventive and uses his Fiat 124, the two seater roadster highly based off the Mazda MX-5 Miata, as a form of erhm… Performance enhancer… It got weird, but we have to admit the Fiat 124 Spider looks pretty damn good.

See it for yourself and then see the commercial from last years Superbowl.

(Source: Youtube)


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