Truck’s Suspension System Fails, Causes Massive Traffic Jam

The Tappan Zee Bridge is a cantilever bridge across the Hudson River in New York State, connecting Tarrytown and South Nyack. It’s part of the New York State Thruway and carries the load of two interstates across its seven lanes. The center lane of the bridge can be ingeniously switched, via a bridge barrier mover seen below, to allow more traffic flow in one direction depending on the time of day. When it first opened 60 years ago, it provided plenty of capacity for New York and New Jersey residents.


Fast forward to the present this highway has become so old, so congested, and has been crumbling through excessive use, that construction for a $4 billion replacement has been in the works. So when a measly truck suspension system decided to fail at life, it just HAS to happen in the most inconvenient and dangerous place. The truck’s failed suspension managed to flip over the cargo full of scrap metal and spread debris EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, no one, including the truck driver was injured due to this accident. However, a lot of time was viciously massacred due to the bridge being shutdown in both directions for many hours.

(Source: Youtube)


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