Why Don’t I Have This In My Life?

The company Rotary Lift just launched a new product with the sexiest name ever, the RLP77 Double Scissor Lift! (Scissor me timbers!!!) It’s basically a low profile scissor lift that you drive over with your vehicle. After you install some blocks you’ll be able to raise your vehicle from 0 inches to 78.75 inches in just 39 seconds! We usually only care about speeds going in the horizontal direction, but for going in the vertical direction this sounds REALLY fast. The hydraulically powered scissor lift can support up to 7700 pounds, which is plenty of weight considering most cars and trucks are in the 3000-5000 pound range. This is a seriously convenient tool that can be retrofitted in many garages, we just wonder why we don’t have this yet…

(Source: Vimeo & Rotary)


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