You Think The Chiron Sounds Good? Check Out It’s Insane Gran Turismo Inspired Cousin.

By now we all know the new Bugatti Chiron sounds ridiculous. If you didn’t know that, click here and you’ll see just how monstrous it is.

Before the Chiron came to be, Bugatti designed a car for Gran Turismo’s Vision Concept platform where auto makers could expand their horizons on what it means to design a car. Some car manufacturers, such as Bugatti, took it one step further and created real world applications of the digital, video game inspired designs. VW did the same thing.

So now that we know what the Chiron sounds like, let’s take a listen to this crazy piece of kit.

Pretty awesome, but they sound pretty similar. Which one sounds better? This or the Chiron?

Let’s hear it.

(Source: YouTube)


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