Burning Racecar Turns On Autopilot Mode, Cue Benny Hill Music

What do you do when your racecar catches on fire? You jump out! Of course you do, why on earth would you stick around?!

This driver of a Lotus in the Lotus Cup Europe race, at Circuit Paul Ricard, somehow got his car to start burning in all the wrong areas. He managed to get the car near the Marshal’s area where they were armed with extinguishers, and safely jumped out. Unfortunately, fire extinguishers weren’t the only tool needed to rectify the situation, as the Lotus racecar managed to put itself into psycho-autopilot mode and rolled BACK into the track. This whole scene is one big cluster-f*** as the marshals try to stop the rolling ball of racecar from colliding with the rest of the field. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this freak accident. The car on the other hand was properly exorcised and laid to rest.

(Source: Youtube)


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