Lamborghini Aventador Decided To Grenade Itself In The Middle Of London’s Rush Hour

So many times we see incredible supercars revving their engines in glorious harmony. You can see this all over YouTube and at pretty much any car meet around the world. Labmorghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, Mercedes’, Jags, and the list goes on until the end of time. Most of the time nothing happens and you get a glimpse of ear candy without the car getting too angry with you and overheating. Sometimes, this happens.

According to a report by The Express, a Lamborghini Aventador was in London’s rush hour traffic last Wednesday and the owner began revving it’s engine. According to the article, one second the owner was revving it and the next someone was shouting “your car’s on fire!” And all of it captured on video. This is painful to watch.

Here’s one angle.

And another.

Poor car. RIP.


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