Irish Soccer Fans Dented Car’s Roof. Fixes It With Cash, Booze, And Some Banging

No, you’re not looking at a riot. In America, scenes like this are usually followed by flipping the car over and/or setting it on fire. Perhaps accompanied by a nightly news coverage of how our society is going down the drain. What you’re actually looking at is a bunch of Irish soccer football fans celebrating and supporting Ireland as they participate in the UEFA Euro 2016 in France. And what they did to this car can only be imagined as the TOTAL OPPOSITE of setting a car on fire.

One of the fans had previously stepped on top of the car to get a better sight of the celebration. Not being designed to support a person weight, the car’s roof buckled and dented in several places. The Irish crowd then noticed the damage and in solidarity began to put money through the crevices of the door to compensate for the damage. At the same time the crowd also started banging on the roof with the thought, if you hit a damaged panel in its sweet spot, the dent would pop back out returning to normal. Lo and behold, the panel fixes itself and crowd went wild!

(Source: Pundit Arena LOI)


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