The Explosions Are Supposed To Be INSIDE The Engine

Funny cars are some of the most powerful cars in existence with horsepower ratings not in the hundreds but THOUSANDS! It’s not a surprise then when something goes wrong it does so in such spectacular fashion like in the video below. “Fast Jack” Beckman piloted his funny car with a great start but according to him in the interview:

I think it had just started to spin the tires. And, it’s one of those ones where you wish you had a tenth of a second earlier to get off the throttle, because, what could have happened is that it might have tagged an intake valve, and big explosion. I mean, that’s one of the biggest ever.

What’s also amazing as evidenced by the video and the interview is the advancement in fire protection as he had to sit in front of a fireball for a while, as Beckman stated “40 years ago that wouldn’t have been the case”

(Source: Youtube)


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