This Is What 200 Miles Per Hour Looks Like In A Porsche 911R

As we see more and more and more videos emerging from Germany, we’re getting a better sense for the speeds capable on the world famous Autobahn, especially with the mainstream adoption of personal action cameras. But those cameras and that footage is only as good as the person that shoots and edits it.

Take the incredible videographers at EVO for example. Their videos are of extremely high quality and being in the automotive journalism they also get to drive incredible cars. Meld these two together and you get their latest video. The team at EVO just went out on the aformentioned Autobahn and just hit 200mph in the most sought after new 911 of them all, the 911R.

Check out the insane speeds they hit.

Honestly, we would LOVE to do this as the driver. Looks like EVO was just along for the ride. Either way, still an incredible experience and an equally incredible video for us to enjoy.

(Source: YouTube)


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