This Is What A LS1 Firing Order Looks Like, In Lightbulbs

We recently reviewed the Shelby GT350 and we glorified the Italian Supercar-like engine that makes 526 horsepower out of a naturally aspirated 5.2 liter V8 engine. It’s unlike any other good ol’ American V8 in that it has a Flat-Plane Crank, meaning it has a different firing order. The crank pins in the Shelby’s Voodoo engine are arranged 180 degrees whereas a traditional, cross-plane crank are spaced 90 degrees apart. The firing order of a traditional LS1 V8 has been cleverly recreated by Youtuber, William Moser, where he has hooked up some lamps and programmed it to the iconic V8’s operation. The lamps switching on and off suddenly begins to sound like an actual cross-plane V8 at higher speeds. We wonder if he reprograms it to the Voodoo’s flat-plane if it would make the same sound coming out of the Shelby?

(Source: Youtube)


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