VIDEO: The Worst Part Of This Porsche Is The Driver. CRINGE

This is the most cringeworthy parking job ever recorded in the history of mankind. This poor Porsche Cayenne has suffered the fate of being driven by an unlicensed 16 year old. The teenager had been involved in a minor hit-and-run earlier in the day somewhere in Vancouver, Canada. Presumably he was shell-shocked about what he initially did to the car, a very expensive SUV that belonged to his mother, who happened to be out of the country at the time. So he drove it home to park it back in the garage, where he might think the problem might just go away?

In the process of parking the car in the tight garage, the teenager’s lack of driving experience shows through the repeated scraping of the Cayenne’s skin against the garage’s structure. The person recording the video jokingly mentioned “just about got it,” presumably meaning “yes you’ve successfully dented every panel of the car. Job done!”

Regarding the initial hit and run, CTV News Vancouver had this to say:

Although the accident was fairly minor – the SUV hit an unoccupied parked car – the teen did some pretty good damage to his mom’s SUV, Montague said.

Officers only had a vehicle description for the accident, but were able to track down the driver after the YouTube video – which clearly shows the car’s plates – was forwarded to the VPD.

“Our officers began a hit and run investigation looking for this white Porsche Cayenne. What we received a few days later was a video of an individual trying to park his white Porsche Cayenne into a garage with significant damage to the passenger side,” he said.

If the young man would have stayed at the scene he would have likely only gotten a $265 ticket for driving without a licence, and it “wouldn’t have been a big deal,” Montague said.

But because he left the scene he is now charged with multiple violations under the Motor Vehicle Act, including driving without due care and hit and run.

(Source: CTV News Vancouver)


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