VIDEO: This Is What You Sound Like After A 200MPH Crash

Recently there was a report of a 1,800 horsepower Camaro that did a massive rollover crash at over 200 mph. Now a helmet and a smartphone video of that crash has surfaced showing the magnitude and intensity of the crash. If the pictures haven’t told the complete story, these videos are further testament to the spectacular nature of the rollover crash. It’s unbelievable how these guys came out alive, although the passenger was knocked unconscious from the accident.camaro rollover crashThis is another example of physics and weight transfer in action. As the Camaro decelerated after their run, the weight completely shifted to the front axles causing a destabilized rear end. At that point it’s difficult to get the vehicle, which has presumably been setup for handling drag launches, corrected. Once the tires regained traction the vehicle was already pointed in the wrong direction. Thankfully, the roll cage was there to serve its purpose when traction failed.

And here’s a drone footage showing it from another angle

(Source: CAMONLYC6Z & StevenMConroy)


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