Auto Photographer Nearly Gets Killed By Psycho Road Rager

Road Rage is just plain stupid. You can’t control other people. People are inherently dumb as hell so getting mad at someone cutting you off is just you being even worse. Take a breath. Maybe they didn’t see you. Maybe they’re just a terrible driver (the most likely scenario here). Maybe they are just hellbent on making your day terrible. Whatever the reason, just don’t react.

This is especially true when you’re faced with some idiot yelling an screaming at you and trying to run you over with his enormous Ford Excursion. That’s exactly what happened to Photographer Alex Stone over the weekend. According to his account of the situation, Alex was filming with his crew along a rural highway in Ramona, CA outside of San Diego. What happened next is beyond explanation as an enraged man drove up to the crew, threatened them, told them to “get off his driveway,” and then intimidated them by trying to run them over with his truck. Sounds insane and not true at all. Sounds like one of those stories you tell buddies at the bar. We can assure you it’s all too real and Alex captured the whole thing on video.

Check it out below.

Jalopnik reported that this man was SUPER arrested (as he should have been) after the altercation on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and vandalism. Good. Lock up this nut bag and throw away the key. Here’s Alex’s account directly from his Facebook page:

A guy tried to run me over today… Along with the owner of the car I was shooting. In the past 10 years of shooting cars nothing like this has every happened.

Watch the video for yourself, keep in mind the following: We are on a PUBLIC road in the middle of Ramona, CA. Pretty much empty deserted road by a tiny airport. Five different residents of the area drove by asking if we needed help and weren’t bothered by our presence. I didn’t provoke the man because there was a really good chance he had a gun in his truck (the police afterward also confirmed this by saying lots of residents carry around there). Also, I said “sir” about 200 times because I was trying to be as polite as possible, even while he was trying to run me over.

Seconds before starting to record the man drove up and said we were shooting on a ‘private road’ which was false. I told him that we would be out in a few minutes and he yelled “FUCK YOU”, that’s when I started recording.

At the end of the video, he hits the phone out of my hands and it flies 20ft in the air and lands on the pavement with a broken screen thats all black. I was worried that the video didn’t save but it did. I tell him he owes me a new screen and it’ll be $200. He proceeds to pull his pants down and say “Suck those $200 out of my dick.” This is when we drive off, with the police on the phone.

After it’s all said and done the cops said that they’ll go have a talk with him to see how drunk he was.

Be safe out there.

Be safe indeed. But this reaction to this insane person is exactly how you should initially react to a situation like this. Be calm and polite as much as your boundaries allow. If the persona has a weapon, by all means defend yourself, but this is how we should take this situations. In stride and as cool and calm as humanly possible. I commend Alex on dealing with this crazy scenario the way he did. We can all learn something from it.

(Source: YouTube)


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