A Split Lamborghini Catches On Fire Super Effectively

A severe collision occurred on Saturday near Grant Park in Chicago, between a matte black Lamborghini Huracan and another vehicle. The impact from the collision was so harsh that it caused the Italian supercar to ricochet, hitting a light pole, and severing it into two whole pieces. What’s most shocking about the accident is the videos that have surfaced on social media covering the ensuing carnage.

According to NBC Chicago:

Witnesses said the Lamborghini was hit, then slammed into a pole which tore the car in half. Witness Andre King said he and a deputy extracted the driver, who was conscious and was taken from the scene in an ambulance. King said shortly after the driver was pulled from the wreck, the Lamborghini burst into flames.

It’s true that you should not move victims of a crash until the authorities, with proper tools and training, get there. But in this case the good samaritans threw that caution into the wind and saved the Lamborghini driver’s life, literally seconds before it gets engulfed in flames.

(Source: NBC Chicago)


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