Dronekhana. It Is A Thing, Apparently

Did you know that the world champion drone flyers are 16 and 22 years old? Did you know that there was such a thing as the World Drone Prix? Did you know that there’s also such a thing as a Dronekhana? We had absolutely no idea about any of those things, and now we can’t stop watching drone videos.

Well Ford Europe got ahead of the curve here and made the very first Dronekhana featuring the drone champions, Luke Bannister and Brett Collis, and a couple of Ford’s finest: The Ford Focus RS and The Ford Mustang GT.

Just like the Gymkhana, there doesn’t seem to be a real point in the Dronekhana besides looking fast, stylistic, and overall super awesome. Even though the video below is just a two minute long Ford commercial, it’s still pretty sweet to watch how intense drone racing can be. We hope those kids made some good money out of this.

And in case you wanted to see more drone videos…
(Source: Youtube)


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