Is Tesla’s First Car Anything Like The Model S?

YouTuber and excellent writer Doug Demuro has a new gig over at He was previously with Jalopnik, but took his talents to Auto Trader and has a great series there called Oversteer. We urge you to check it out but clicking here.

Doug is best known for buying cars that readers have suggested to him and then making videos about his adventures. They’re pretty damn entertaining and through YouTube he’s ganed quite a big following. He’s also an author or two books. Reason why I’m telling you this is because sometimes he gets emails from readers to come drive his cars. Well this time he got a particularly interesting request to come drive the original Tesla, the Roadster. This was way before the Model S was even a glimmer in Elon Musk’s eye.

It’s interesting to note that Doug has own a Lotus before, a car on which the Roadster is based. Watch below as both Doug and the owner go over the car, some of it’s quirks, and head out for a little test drive.

What’s most surprising is how usable the car seems, apart from it’s smaller stature. Just proof that Tesla, even back then, was thinking about spacial efficiency along with that eco-friendly stigma.

(Source: YouTube)


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