M3 Pulls a Mustang While Leaving Cars And Coffee

Leaving Cars and Coffee should not be difficult or dangerous; however, the internet is littered with videos of failed drift attempts usually featuring our friend the Ford Mustang. The opportunity to impress a large crowd of spectators with a burnout or full throttle exit seems to entice most car owners, as these mishaps occur far too often. This week saw another close call during a Cars and Coffee exit, but this time an M3 was the culprit.

This extremely dangerous incident occurred at a Boise, Idaho meet on Sunday morning when an M3 convertible almost collided with an unsuspecting Jeep Liberty. The M3 made a turn at full throttle (Really bad idea) as the driver attempted to impress their adoring fans with sweet drifting skills. The driver was lucky enough to walk away with only their pride damaged as no accident occurred.

To make matter worse the M3 was owned by the drivers mother who lent it to them for the meet. Needless to say this driver needs to have a little more respect for the power of an M3 and the result of oversteer on tight public roads. Cars and Coffee is a great event full of amazing cars and awesome people, but even with adoring fans, public roads are not a race track.


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